About us

Vindöns Camping was started by Oswald Gustafsson 1959 when Orust municipality wanted to increase tourism in the area and would expropriate the family's pasture. Holiday had a few years ago started to apply to all over 18 and people want somewhere a spend their free time. To camp had become popular and it had already been questions from individuals to Oswald if they could camp on the unused meadows.

At first it was only open land with a few wagons and tents, but interest in the campsite spread and it grew.

In 1971 a building was recycled from Halland, that became the reception which still exists today, albeit a little extended.

The campsite grew further, and Oswald who previously was a trucker, driving Vindö boats in Europe, invested in 1978 in the construction of a port instead of a new truck and became a full-time camp owner along with his wife Ruth.

For those who had not brought their own accommodation, cottages became an option in 1998.

Oswald's daughter Ann-Marie took over the business in 2000 and runs it today.

Storstugan came on the scene in 2003 and has become popular especially for larger groups who want a single housing.

The campsite turned 50 in 2009, the same year that Oswald turned 80, and as a gift, the beacon that is now our logo was buit.

Oswald's grandson Michael was employed at the campsite in 2014, to learn from the older generations with the intention that one day take over the business.

Oswald is still committed to the camp's care and can still be seen cut, the now more popular, meadow grass.