Upon arrival, check in at our reception and you get to choose your place. 
You keep the place as long as you want. There is much in the area to discover . 
The campground has around 50 places that it is free to choose from. 
The sites are 80-110m² in slightly hilly terrain and 10A fuses 

For tents, there are five dedicated areas, access to electricity is limited.

Pre- and postseason

We currently have a queue to our seasonal sites, but if you are interested in pre- and / or post-season, you can contact us at

Pre-season is from 1/5 to 2/7 and after season from 5/8 to 15/9.


Offseason 1 maj - 16 juni // 19 aug - 24 sep Highseason 17 jun - 18 aug
Camper/Caravan 250 SEK 390 SEK
Camper/Campervan space 90-124 250 SEK 440 SEK
Electricity 60 SEK 60 SEK
Preseason 30/4 to 1/7 6300 SEK
Postseason 5/8 to 11/9 3300 SEK
Tent per 3 Adults 200 SEK 280 SEK
Guest harbour 220 SEK 300 SEK

All prices are per day. During the off-season the 7th night is free on all lodging.